Hair of the Dog:

What does it mean? Where does it come from? Does it work? Is it a good idea?

Find out in this excerpt from "Hungover: The Morning After and One Man’s Quest for the Cure" by Shaughnessy Bishop-Stalls.

Worst Hangover Ever?

Man passes out drunk... and wakes up to find his penis has been cut off. Yikes! Recoup won't help with that.

Thankfully all ends well: the hospital managed to stitch the patient's appendage back on after a seven-hour surgical operation.

Post Malone pillow

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Dad-bod fanny pack

For Fathers In Training

Get ahead of your future physique and show off your Dad-bod this summer with this hilarious fanny pack. Fill it up with beer and Recoup before hitting the park.


Unhelpful Hangover 'Cures'

Many of the hangover 'cures’ people rely on aren’t actually helpful at all. Read more about why milk, hair of the dog, stodgy food, throwing up, painkillers, exercise and coffee might be making you feel worse.

Waaay smarter to rely on Recoup Hangover Remedy -- Doctor formulated and backed by science.

Tactical chunder time?

Contemplating a tactical chunder

The science behind the "tactical chunder": Does it actually work?

Whether it's in a bush or in the toilets, the tactical chunder is often used in a bid to sober up a little and last the whole night.

But does the tactical chunder 'method' of sobering up actually work?

Spoiler: NO. But read about ‘why not’ for yourself.

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