Welcome to the first edition of the Recoup newsletter, The Chaser, filled with boozy content we dug up for your entertainment.

First up, the fundamentals: 23 Classic Cocktails You Need to Know How to Make. Staples every home bartender should master.

Check out: The One-Bottle Cocktail. A collection of 80 creative, fresh, and delicious cocktails that only require one bottle of your favorite spirit, plus fresh ingredients you can easily find. Brings fancy drinking to the masses by making cocktails approachable enough for those with a tiny home bar.

Next on tap: Will Travel for Beer: 100 journeys every beer lover should experience. Discover 101 traditional, quirky, absurd, must-visit beer destinations across the globe.

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While we’re at it (figuratively): Does sex cure hangovers?

And finally, very funny from Vice: We Asked People to Describe the Drunkest They Ever Got in Six Words.