Welcome to the second edition of the Recoup newsletter, The Chaser. We’ve got some fantastic links for you this month and so, without further ado:

First up, our three cocktails of the month: the Bicycle Thief, Apple Negroni (served in an apple, no less!) and Watermelon & Mint Punchin' Bag. All three look absolutely delicious and are sure to make you look like a bartending hero.

And now for the interesting news; a group of professors have proved empirically that drunk people are better at creative problem solving. Musicians, artists, thinkers of the world rejoice! But don’t forget to Recoup!

Hungover? Why not pop down some sheep lung and owl eyes? Or 1.5 feet of bull penis? These are some of the weird and wonderful hangover treatments from around the world contained in this video and article. I think I'll stick with Recoup...

In product news, we’re now offering a 10 box case for $189.99 – a 33% discount. Containing 60 doses of Recoup, there’s enough to go around for house parties, bachelor weekends or reunions.

We’ve recently created a Recoup Ambassador Program. If you’d like to sell Recoup to your friends & family and get a cut of the proceeds simply email recoup@peakdrive.ca to let us know you want in.

Now that’s a doormat we’d be proud to have on our front step!

Ever wonder why your hangovers are getting worse with age? Check out this explainer.

Here's an amusing digest: “15 tweets you'll only understand if you're convinced your hangovers are worse than death”.

No joke, a real headline from “The Brooklyn Daily Eagle” newspaper, New York, July 22, 1941. At this point we're unsure whether Recoup works for goats?