Nothing's worse than being hungover. Nothing. You feel like absolute garbage, only made worse by the fact you did it to yourself.

So chances are most people would be willing to sacrifice a lot to ensure they never get another hangover. That’s what the researchers from have measured, surveying 1,073 people to get answers.

“What voluntary sacrifice would you accept to never have another hangover?”



Clearly hangovers suck as we’d be willing to sacrifice so much, from our dignity to our digits. So what are we actually doing about it?

“What methods do you employ to cure your hangover?”



This result drives us crazy! Only 8% of drinkers know how to proactively combat their hangover before it starts. And this matters because once you're actually experiencing a hangover there isn't much you can do except ride it out. Sad!

In product news, we recently launched a new 3 box multipack. So you can fight 18 hangovers for $69.99 (with free shipping) and smile as you realize you're significantly smarter than the 92% who don't take hangover pills.


For the 24% of men and 16% of women who try to sweat out a hangover: it's a bad idea. Working out with a hangover worsens dehydration and makes it harder for the body to process toxins from alcohol.

For the 50% of people who try to cure their hangover with coffee: it won't work. And it may even lead to poor decision making. Bonus: study features drunk mice being fed 6 to 8 tiny cups of coffee.

Getting behind the wheel with a hangover? Please don't. Research shows that hungover drivers have shorter attention spans, memory problems, and limited coordination.

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